Why Independent Bangalore escorts are better than agency escorts?

There are many benefits of choosing an Independent Bangalore escort over agency escort. As a client, you always want to experience the best that you can. Independent escorts mostly charge a very decent amount without any brokerage charges, rather than agency escort where the Bangalore escort agency mainly fixes the price that includes third-party & advertising expenses which make them way costlier than an independent Bangalore escort where you have the freedom to bargain and interact directly with the escort companion with no third party involved.

Different escort services have different regulations for their escorts. Some will require them to be available for some hours of the day while others restrict the things and places the escort can go. Independent Bangalore experts are not affiliated with any company. They work on their own. They take care of all their costs and take all the money they make. They have freer work schedules and are unrestricted.

When you hire an agency escort, you mostly make the booking by visiting their website gallery with a lot of other profiles. You do not know which girl will be best for you and you are always in confusion if you have hired the right girl for you and when you call the agency for confirmation they misguide you with false information. Which you realize after spending your time and money on something that was not worth it. But in the case of an Independent escort, you get to speak directly to the female companion clearing all your doubts and queries and keeping very less room for wrong information and false expectations.

Another perk of hiring an independent Bangalore escort is you will not be misguided with wrong and misleading images created by the agency to get more clients. An escort agency always has many profiles listed on their website, but most of the pictures of these profiles are either edited by professionals or fake. But in case of an Independent escort, you will get the same escort model without any confusion you can ask recent pics to the escort companion directly and clear all your doubts instantly before proceeding to the booking.

Now you might be in the confusion that agency escorts have a collection of female escorts as compared to an independent escort, but there are far more benefits of hiring an independent escort rather than just hiring someone by seeing a bunch of fake images and ads created by the agencies to lure you.

One more benefit of hiring an Independent escort is they work independently and are never in a hurry. But in the case of agency escorts they work continuously and have to attend multiple clients regularly, sometimes you might not be able to extend your booking due to other reservations in the queue for that particular escort model, but in case of independent escorts you can continue enjoying the services without any hesitation.

Independent escorts will always have a high level of energy compared to an agency escorts. They work continuously with multiple clients in a day and have very less power left if you are not lucky enough to be her first customer. Whereas in the case of an Independent escort, most of them take only do one to two booking per day as they do not have to pay advertising and third-party charges.which also makes their services cheaper and best compared to agency escorts.

You can always hire an Independent Bangalore escort as a social escort and take them to parties and social events as your girlfriend as most of the Independent escort companion operate discreetly and mostly operate outside their city to maintain their secrecy. But agency escorts are quite infamous and cannot be taken to social events as they must be known to many people locally for offering the escort service and can spoil your reputation severely.


By Priyanka Sen
Content writer at www.priyankasen.com

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