For a while now, escort services have taken over most news in majority of the media stations. The sex industry is a wide field that employs different people who play different roles. But in the society we live today, prostitution is a term that is dubbed to anyone working in this business.

Also, even the sex trafficked victims end up being called prostitutes. Even though they don’t fall in the same category. The bottom line is that there’s a lot people need to know about the sex industry.
It’s not all about being forced to do something that you didn’t want to do. To top it all up, the sex industry includes people who actually trade willingly and are in the business to make money.

In this article, therefore, I will give you a breakdown of some of the most important factors in the business. More importantly, you will know what high-profile escorts really mean.
There’s a big difference between prostitutes and high profile escorts. The reality of the matter is that these two titles is about people working in the sex industry.

What is the meaning of prostitute?

Prostitutes basically earn their money solely through pleasing their customers sexually. This is actually legal is some states but in India it’s illegal. That is because the general public have issues with such conduct.

Therefore, if you are found practising this type of trade, then you might end up in bigger problems. However, the truth of the matter is that sex trade for money is all legitimate business. But there are a few practices that surround the prostitution business that’s generally illegal.

Most importantly, prostitution in some sense encourages human trafficking. This is where we all need to draw the line. Human trafficking is illegal in all manner. There. is no way you would treat humans as sex toys who you can trade.Also prostitution usually leads to picking up clients on the road who are actually very dangerous to the women. This is actually very different from the high profile escorts.

What does a high profile escort really mean?

Here’s the question that is actually running through your head right now. For you to understand this part, you need to read what a prostitute really is. In contrast to prostitution, an escort is actually a professional.

It is actually accepted as a business and there’s a lot of money flowing through the business. An escort provides the clients with companionship on an agreed period of time. It differs from one escort to the next depending on the services they offer.

Now, to be honest, it’s almost always a guarantee that all escorts offer girlfriend like experiences. But, they have a choice to doing this depending on the services they say they offer.

There are many businessmen who travel all the way to Bangalore for escort services meaning the business is actually a tourist attraction. If legalized, the business will generate a lot of income to the government (meaning it’s very illegal).

In other states for instance, UK, the business is legal. Most businessmen won’t always have someone with them to give them the companionship in their trips. That is why they are always in such of someone to give them the companionship they deserve.

The only time sex will take place is when it’s from mutual consent. Meaning the clients are not allowed to force it on their escorts. And also the escorts are not allowed to force themselves on their clients.
More importantly, you will never find escorts walking on the streets offering their services the same way prostitutes do. Their services are offered at the privacy of their apartment, their clients apartments or simply in a mutually agreed upon location between the client and the escort.

Today, these services have taken a different route since you can find an escort offering her services online. There are several online platforms that actually offer this service. You can pick from a variety of selection. The best part is that you can do it at the comfort of your home.

High profile escorts are simply individuals who’ve perfected their escort services and are willing to offer them to you. That doesn’t mean that high profile escorts are better than the regular escorts. Merely different.

Services offered

Normally, regular escorts will mostly offer sexual services to please their clients. Her services will majorly include sex with no strings attached. Only money for that. But the difference to regular escorts and prostitutes is the fact that escorts will always operate off the streets and can come to you.
Now let’s talk about high profile escorts. High profile escorts will not focus on physical needs but mental or emotional needs. Therefore, what she offers is her services but others actually refer to it as girlfriend experience.

You can go with her on dates or to fancy cocktail parties and she will not disappoint. The girlfriend like experience is majorly warm and cosy and therefore dinner dates are a compulsory thing.

How to hire a high profile Bangalore escort?

The most common way is going online and booking one for yourself. However, there are a bunch of websites that present fake girls and you might end up getting corned. Therefore you need to be careful about what you do especially online.

More importantly, you also need to know that the business is considered illegal in Bangalore. That’s more reason to be cautious about what you are doing. Here’s a list of some of the places you can get high profile escorts online.

  1. priyankasen
    The website offers a number of services and you can actually book for an escort service in advance. Check out their website for more information on the same.
  2. Roshniverma
  3. This is one of my favourite websites. Their interface is unique and you can actually manoeuvre around with ease. They offer amazing packages with some of the best high profile models and other escorts.

    In summary…
    I think high profile escort services are one of the best services in the sex industry. Most people will not condone this type of business which is understandable. But for those who think this is a legit business then by all means take a look at my article on celebrity escort services.

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