Before getting started, have you read my post on some of the best independent escort services in Bangalore? If not, then what are you waiting for? Back to today’s topic. Most people have different ideas about the escort system in India. Some of these ideas are merely speculations without any substantial evidence. If you are looking for the truth and a light on some of the lies, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve heard so many stories about VIP Bangalore escorts that I don’t know where to begin. Well, I have to start somewhere. High profile independent escorts in Bangalore is one business that’s really getting a lot of media attention. Majorly because of the increase in the number of tourists who are showing interest in the same.

But where do all these girls come from? This is a question that has caused a lot of controversies since everyone has their own ideas.

The Chronicles of a Typical Escort in India

Some people imagine that the escorts are either forced to work to cater for debts or have been abducted by pimps. Well, I can’t completely deny or accept this fact. All in all, there’s a whole lot of story behind escorts and their lifestyle.

For starters, some of the escorts are from rural backgrounds. They wanted to try hustling in the city and life took a different turn. Getting a well-paying job in this tight economy is harder than anything. So one of their friends gave them a suggestion to try escort services and they have been in the businesses ever since then.

To the escort, they get paid well enough to support their livelihood to a certain level. That is only if they are not under a gluttonous pimp who instead of giving the ladies their money, they keep the money for themselves. Luckily thanks to the independent escort services, most of the ladies are now freelancers.
But within these ladies, there are still some of them who go through hard life. And can you imagine they still live in slums? One of the ladies once confessed of having quite a rough time with her pimp that she could hardly afford a standard home in Bangalore. This was rather heart-breaking considering the fact that she is the business.

On the other hand, there are a group of ladies who actually join the escort business because they need an extra money. They might be struggling actors who are trying to maintain a fast life hence they need money to buy clothes. These ladies can actually make the best escorts when you are planning to attend a cocktail party. All in all, they travel from city to city, from one pimp to the next in search of better pay. Or sometimes, the pimps agree to rent her to a fellow pimp.

Therefore, most of these ladies are simply here by choice and not by force. In the 21st century, I believe everyone has the right to freedom and India tries to uphold this fact to the fullest.

Other Myths and Facts

  • Escorts have sex many times a day?

    This myth cracked my bones a few times. Okay, is it me or do you also feel that there’s something wrong with this idea? First of all, we are humans. And that should let you know that not everyone goes looking for an escort just to get that girlfriend experience. Believe it or not, the majority of the people simply look for an escort for companionship. Imagine getting the chance to talk to a pretty lady in a foreign country who is always ready to listen to you? Is that amazing!

    Escorts are the best people you can have because you are paying for their full attention. They will listen to you, go out on dinner dates with you and so much more. It’s actually on rare occasions that they end up having sex with the clients.

  • Are escorts thieves camouflaged as friends?

    To be sincere, there are people who will only want to steal from you. That is why I took the liberty to select some of the best sites where you can get legit independent escorts. Not to forget, pretty ones too. Otherwise, there are a few sites that offer services that might land you in trouble rather than having the time of your life.

  • Escort Services is the same as prostitution?

    Now, this is where everything gets interesting. Here, the entire population must have things confused. When someone is looking for an escort, you are looking for someone to keep you company. Sometimes even someone who can give you a tour of the city. When it comes to prostitution, you are simply looking for someone to spend the night with you. When dawn breaks, you don’t expect a sex worker to hang around. I mean you only paid for the bed services.

    But when it comes to an escort, you are paying for the companionship. Therefore, an escort like I said earlier, will go out on a date with you. They are actually quite friendly and you are definitely in for a treat. However, in some cases, you might pay for the extra bed services which are totally up to you. Regardless, you will still get the chance to enjoy the company and enjoy some of the Indian stories from your escort.

  • Escort services are Illegal.

    I’m not here to pull anyone’s leg or simply give you a fantasy that isn’t there. In most countries, escort services are illegal including India. But funny enough, the business is actually increasing the revenues of the country. Therefore, you should be cautious especially when you get to India.

Don’t go on announcing that you are looking for escort services. You might land yourself in prison. You simply need to make contacts through your phone and look out for some of the best websites to hire a high profile independent escort in Bangalore. Be discrete and always careful about what you are saying. That way, you will be able to enjoy the services and at the same time stay away from prison.

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